VIRUS PARIS is a Parisian fashion line with unique ready-to-wear collections for both men and women.

We believe that nothing is all good or all bad and they have different sides, just like a virus which can infect positively or negatively.

Integral to this belief, VIRUS PARIS draws the inspiration from the juxtaposition between four contrasting concepts:

Darkness, Light, Extremes and Opposites.

These are reflected in our choices of fabric, the volumes, clear lines and minimalist style.


Just like the nature of Virus evolves our garments change. You can wear them in many different ways.

But the one thing remaining constant is their quality and careful tailoring.


N as number.

With its theme N, Virus Paris proposes an eccentric and artistic style.

An original and extreme line that explores with the construction and details of clothes.

O as origin.

With its theme O, Virus Paris offers a sober and minimalist style, with clean lines. Timeless classic pieces.